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Fire fighters (3)

TV Reporter1

TV Reporter 2

Friends & relatives

Moses  (malayalam)

(Sound effects of thunder followed by loud cry -Curtain opens- friends & relatives sit around the pit and morns- sound effects of police car….officer rush to the accident spot)

Police officer: (using a wireless phone) we need help OVER.,.WE NEED URGENT HELP - over.

Police officer: to the relatives: Can anyone explain what happened?

Relatives: (Cries all the more and speaks together- nothing is clear)

Police officer: (again through the wireless phone) WE NEED URGENT HELP OF THE FIRE FORCE….hallo.. SEND THE FIRE FORCE TO THE DESERT…over…  LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE FELL INTO A DEEP PIT… over

Police officer: Can anyone say what happened?

Relatives: (Cries and speaks together, pointing their hand to the pit- Officer gets angry)

Police officer: OK , Ok understood... someone fell into the pit, no? (shouts) Who made this pit here?

Relative:  not one Sir, three persons; it was a tsunaami..

Relative: Sir, the earth opened its mouth…. Please sir, can you save them fast?

Relative: Sir please, Please do something fast

Relatives together:  My God, what a curse this is …(looking to the pit, cries )

(sound effects of Fire engine… Fire fighters dressed in yellow coverall rush to the scene, with flashing search lights, ropes, ladders etc.)

FF1: What happened sir?

Police officer: someone fell into the pit… someone dug this pit or….the earth opened nothing is clear..

FF2: how deep is the pit?

Police officer:  (angrily) you… go and measure…

FF3: (ties the rope around her) sir, shall I jump…  ?

Police officer: NO…… gone is gone.. you also want to die?

FF1: (looks into the pit, flashing the torch) O no, nothing is visible!

FF2 : come on… put that rope into the pit,… (shouts) somebody there??..

FF3: hello…..can you hear?… hold this rope and come up …

Relative: Is there a hope sir,

FF1: No, only rope.. shall we pump some water?

FF2: Water?? There is no fire there!

FF3: sprinkle some water…. If unconscious, let them wake up…

(Relatives cries all the more.. Police remove them from the accident spot & put tiger tapes around the area)

Police officer: Move from here…. Go there and continue your mourning…

(TV reportor1 comes in; fire fighters and police roams through the stage with rope ladder search light etc)

TV Reporter1: Good evening everyone, this is BCC News, and I am (Name) reporting from the desert somewhere north of Mt. Sinai and we have a breaking News for you. Three prominent persons of Israel have been reported missing along with their family members in an incident what the onlookers call a disaster; it is believed that an earth quake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale has struck the area and to everyone’s surprise, only these three families have been affected. The Israelites counting approximately 6 million who were travelling through the wilderness under the inspiration of their so** called leader Moses……

**(TV Reporter2 comes running … takes her stand in front of reporter 1 and starts her announcement)

Good Morning: this is ABCA TV (raising her voice above reporter1) this is ABCA TV news, I am (name) reporting from somewhere near mount Sinai in the desert.. the people of Israel who were travelling through the desert met with a fierce accident. Three persons are reportedly missing as the earth opened its mouth after a massive quake. More news follows from ABCA TV … (BG MUSIC)

(Two children pass from one side of the stage to the other holding a long banner’ BREAKING NEWS’ You may add an advertisement here if time permits. Reporter2 comes back)

This is ABCA TV Breaking News. A massive earth quake that struck the desert killed at least three families persons what the eye witness said to ABCA TV. The accident which happened aroung 10 o’ clock in the morning was reported first by ABCA TV.  Along with Camarama XXXX, this is XXXXXX reporting from the accident spot, ABCA TV Mt. Sinai. More reports coming….Please stay tuned (BG MUSIC)

(reporter 1 goes to the other side; reporter 2 interviews the relatives)

Reportor2 : whats your name?

Relative: Name

Reporter 2: can you explain what happened here?

Relative: (crying) today morning Moses and Aaron was talking to Korah and his friends. Immediately there was a big thunder and storm followed by a massive earth quake. The place where Korah and his friends standing was divided and all went down to the pit.

Reporter2: Was there any effort to help them from the onlookers?

Relative: No… there was heavy thunder and storm…. And everyone was afraid.

Reporter: Do you know Korah personally?

Relative: Very much… We are neighbors! I haven’t seen such a good person in my life. He was so dear to this entire neighborhood. Not only that, he was a cousin of our leader Moses!

Reporter: The prominent person among the missing was one Mr. Korah who was a leader of this neighborhood. For more news about the accident and the missing people please stay tuned (BG MUSIC)

(You may add an advertisement here if time permits)

Reporter 2 : Welcome back to Breaking news from ABCA TV..  we have one more witness from the accident scene. (to the witness) did you see the accident?

Relative: yes madam, (cries) Dathaan was our relative. We were colleagues in our college … though he had some politics he was a good person….

Reporter2 : Do you know the other person who is missing?

Relative: along with Daathaan was his brother Abiraam, we all were good friends; we used to eat and drink together every night.

Relative: All this is because of that Moses and Aaron.

Reprter: Who are Moses and Aaron?

Relative: O, they are our leaders; look there he comes…

Reporter:  O Moses, the man who wrote Genesis? Thank you so much for cooperating with us…

Please stay tuned….ABCA TV exclusive report… LIVE INTERVIEW with Israel leader Moses follows.. please stay tuned…. (BG MUSIC)

(Children holding the banner ‘BREAKING NEWS’ pass through the stage)

Reporter2: (Interviewing Moses) Good Morning Sir, greetings from ABCA TV!

Moses: Good Morning to you

Reporter2 : We have heard a lot about your books 'Genesis' and it is really recommendable for an award. Sir, are you engaged in any other writings?

Moses: Yes, I have already finished part II of Genesis named as 'Exodus'; three more volumes are on its way. But none of them are my writings; it is all the Lord's work.

Reporter2: Sir can you explain where are you leading this huge crowd of people to?

Moses: As I have mentioned, I am not leading them… it is God; God is leading them to Canaan, the land promised to our forefathers. I am just a guide only. Hitherto the Lord has helped us.. when there was no water He gave us sweet water from Mara; when there was no food.. He gave us manna, quail and dates. Still, still these people don’t believe in Him….

Reporter2: Sir, can you explain what happened here exactly?

Moses: For the last few days Korah and his friends were murmuring against us. They don’t like me as their leader and my brother Aaron as priest. They also need leadership and positions!

Reporter2: Sir, what has it to do with this accident?

Moses: Off course they are related. It is God who made as leaders and God did not like their murmuring. Actually He started destroying all these people in His anger.… but I fall prostrate before the Lord and pleaded for these people.. Still God decided to kill some of them… that’s what Korah, Abiraam and Dathan had to face.

Reporter2: But the natives reported that they were good people!

Moses: yes, all are good people.…. but no one has the right to question God and His appointed men. He desires that everyone should faithfully fulfill the duties entrusted to them. When we count others better than ourselves and respect each other, we will have fellowship and our love will flourish. Thus God’s name will be glorified through our lives.

Reporter2: Many thanks.. Mr. Moses.. for spending your valuable time with ABCA TV.

(to the audience) Please Stay tuned for another upcoming issue.. till then good bye..


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