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Ten Minas


Participants: Master, Servant1, servant 2, servant 3, customer1, customer2, customer3 & customer4)

 (Scene: The Master  prepares for a travel, packing his cloths and other things in a brief case)

Servants : Good morning Master.

Master: Good Morning everybody! How are you today?

Servants : Fine Master,

Servant 1 : Do you need any help, Sir?

Master : No, thanks. But, I have good news for you all.

Servant 1: Good news! What’s that?

Master : It’s a good news for you as well as me.

Servant 3 : O did you win a lottery?

Master : No, no its something else. I am going on a journey!

Servant 1 & 2: A journey! I can’t imagine. You are so lucky!

Servant 3: My God! How can I travel with him, I have lot of work at home.

Master : Hey, Don’t worry, you are not coming with me.  

Servant 2: But why master? We want to come with you.

Master: No- no, I have an assignment for all of you. I am going to give each one of you some money to trade.

Servant 3: (Putting his hand on his head) My God! I was hoping to sleep here peacefully, until he returns.

Master (takes his wallet and calls servant 1) : Here, I am giving you a thousand Dirhams. Trade with this money until I come back.

Servant 1: Yes boss, I will do my best to multiply this money for you.

Master (calling servant 2 ) For you, I am giving Five hundred Dirhams. Put this money to work until I come back.

Servant 2: Yes sir. I will try my best to make more money out of it.

Master : (calling servant 3) And for you my dear, take this Hundred Dirhams. See what you can do with it.

Servant 3: But sir……

Master : I am leaving now. Please try to do some good business to multiply my money. All of you take care.

(Master leaves after shaking hands with the servants)

Servant 1 & 2 : Have a nice trip Sir, Good bye.

Servant 3: I don’t know what to do with his money…I have so many other things to do.

Servant 2 : Servant 1, What are you planning to do with your money?

Servant 1 : Ah.. let me think… I got some good ideas. You see what I am going to do. (walks away)

Servant 2 : Well….. (thinking) I will also do something with this money. (walks away)  

Servant 3 : Oh, those nuts! They really don’t know who our master is. He is a rude and hard man. I know what I will I do with this stuff. If I keep this with me, every one will ask for it. Better I will hide this. (Hides the money under the ground) Ah it is safe, no devil will dare touch this money. (Brings a chair and sits)

Servant 1 (Enters with a bag full of Bibles) Ah, this is the right place for me to sell these Bibles!

(Displays the Bibles on a chair)  

Servant 3 : Oh, Servant 1, what’s up?

Servant 1 : You, are still here? You don’t like to trade with the master’s money?

Servant 3: ( to himself) If it is real money, let it grow from the ground!

Servant 1 : What ?

Servant 2 (enters with some raffle tickets) Kerala Lottery, Kerala lottery, spent your 5 Dirhams today; tomorrow you could be a millionaire! (turns to servant 1) Oh! You are selling Bibles? Do some profitable business like me.  

Servant 1: I thought this is a good way to witness our God. And I can earn some money also! But what’s your business?

Servant 2 : I am selling Lottery tickets. You know I’ll get 40% commission on every sale. Moreover I also get a share of the winning ticket. I can earn a good sum of money for my Master.

Servant 1: Your intention is good, but your way to achieve is not.  

Servant 2 : Why is it not good?

Servant 1 : May be it is very profitable, but it is not a good business in God’s sight. Because it is a sort of gambling.

Servant 2 : My God, then what shall I do with the master’s money?

Servant 1: God can prosper such simple business like selling Bibles or cassettes.

Servant 2 : I am quitting from this business, I will try something else. (leaves the scene)

Servant 3 : (Simply sitting on a chair, reading a comic) Let me enjoy this life while these foolish men work.

(Customer 1,2,3 & 4 enters, talking to each other)

Customer 1 : Oh I was looking for some good Bibles!

Servant 1: Sir, you have come to the right place. I have so many versions with me. This is a King James Version, with dictionary and chain references.

Customer 1 : Do you have a New International Version of the same?

Servant 1 : Of course I have. (Shows another Bible) This one is leather bound and its only 200 Dirhams. It has some ready-made sermons also.

Customer 3 : You mean - he can start preaching from next Sunday onwards?

Customer 2 : Man, you’ll get a lot of sermons in the internet.

Customer 1: Very good, here is your 200 Dirham Note. Please give me the book.

Servant 3 : Oh 200 Dirhams! Just for a Bible! I could help some poor people with that money!

Customer 4: I am sure this Bible will give glamour to your bookshelf!

Customer 1 : What glamour?

Customer 4 : See, my bookshelf is full of Bibles and Bible commentaries. You know how much confidence it gives me?

Customer 1: But did you ever open a page out of it?

Customer 3 : Customer 1, If it just for display, you better to spent the money for some good purpose.  

Customer 2: (to servant 3) You…you don’t have anything to sell?

Servant 3 : Me? I don’t want to work like these people. I am enjoying my life.

Customer 4 : We only have a single life to live, no?

Customer 3 : Oh dear, time will not wait for you. If you work for God now, you will be rewarded at the end.

Customer 2 : Now a days missionary work is so easy, you can sit at home and do it through internet.

Customer 4 : That’s also true, but when can we enjoy our life?

Customer 3 : The Bible says that the pleasures of life are only for a limited period. But those who do the will of God, will stand forever.

Servant 3 : Well, I may think about that when I retire. I want to enjoy my life now.

Servant 2 (Enters with a bag full of Cassettes and CDs) Hello servant 1,  

Servant 1 : Ah, you are back?

Customer 2 : I can smell some cassettes….

Servant 2 : Yes, I have some CDs and Cassettes for sale. Oh how is your business going?

Servant 1 : Very good.

Servant 2 : Thank God, I am also selling Christian devotional songs only. I have cassettes of Bro. Benoy Chacko and Bro. James Cherian. (displays the cassettes on a chair)

Servant 1: (to customer 2) Sir, do you need a Bible?

Customer 2 : Yes, I was looking for an electronic Bible. Do you have some thing like that?

Servant 1 : (Surprised) An electronic Bible? Sir, I don’t have one now.  

Customer 1 : Tell me, what is the use of an electronic Bible?

Customer 2 : Well, I am a modern evangelist, I thought it’ll be easy for me to send e-mails to spread the Gospel through the web.

(Customer 3 & customer 4 moves to Servant 2)

Servant 1: Oh that’s a good idea. I will try to get one for you later.

Customer 3 (at the cassette counter) Do you have a cassette called 'Aanandam'?  

Servant 2 : Bro. Graham Varghese's’? Yes sir, I have, do you want a CD or a cassette?  

Customer 3 : I will take both. How much is the price?

Servant 2 : It is only 30 Dirhams for both.

Servant 1 : Give me one cassette please!

Customer 4 : do you have any film songs?

Servant 2 : Sorry sir, I don’t sell film songs here, even though it may give much profit. I have only Christian devotionals.  

Servant 3: Ah, what a Cassette shop! They don’t have even film songs!

Customer 4 : At least do you have any rock or wrap music?

Customer 1 : Listen, we are Christians. It’s not good to spend our money or time for the worldly pleasures.  

Customer 4 : Ok then, I will take one devotional.

(Master enters the scene. Every one stands up)  

Servant 2 : Hello Master, welcome back !

Master : Thank you. How are you all?

Servant 1: We are fine Sir,

Master : Servant 1, Servant 2 and Servant 3, I would like to see the account of my money. Servant 1, can you please come first?

Servant 1 : (holding some money in each hands) Yes Sir, you gave me a thousand Dirhams when you left. I have earned a thousand more.

Master : Well done, faithful, you have done a very good job! You have been faithful with a few things. I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share my happiness.

Customer 2 : Customer 3, what will we get when our master comes?

Customer 3 : Oh, you will definitely get an e-mail congratulations!

Master : (turns to Servant 2) Come on dear, show me your account.

Servant 2 : (holding some money in each hands) Sir, you gave me five hundred Dirhams when you left. I have earned five hundred more.

Master : Well done, faithful, you have also done a good job! You have been faithful with a few things. I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share my happiness.  

Servant 1 : Thank God, you stopped that funny lottery business!

Master :(turns to Servant 3) Come on dear show me your account.

Servant 3 : Well, I …

Master : Come on, what have you done with my money?

Servant 3 : (takes from the ground) here is your money sir.  

Master (angrily) what is this? You have not put this money to use?

Servant 3: (looking down) I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown. I was afraid of you. So I hid the money in the ground.

Master : You wicked and lazy servant! You knew that I am a hard man. At least you should have deposited my money in a bank so that I could take it together with the interest. Servant 1, take this money also.  

Customer 1: But Sir, he already has a lot of money with him.

Customer 4 : Yes, it is not fair to give him again.

Master : I know he has more, But who ever has much, more will be given. Who ever do not have, even what he has, will be taken away from him.

Narrator : Dear brothers and sisters, God has entrusted some works for each one of us according to our abilities. It is our duty to use it for His glory while we live in this earth. On the Day of Judgment, God will ask the account of what we have done in this world. Therefore let’s do our duties today, so that we won’t be ashamed in front of God.



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