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Moses and Aaron at Pharaohs Palace


Pharaoh, Soldier, Steward, Servants, Moses, Aaron, Two Magicians

Stage- Pharaohs palace

(Pharaoh sitting on his throne. A soldier stands behind him holding a sphere or a sword. Pharaoh is talking to one of his servants as the Steward arrives in front of him.)

Pharaoh: Hey, How is the pyramid construction going?

Steward: very well sir, this time we got enough Hebrew slaves. They are multiplying like anything!

Pharaoh: Good, Let them multiply and be our slaves forever!

Steward: But sir, we have no more work!

Pharaoh: Well, I know we have no more mummies left. What we will do once this work is finished?

Steward: (in a lower tone) shall we make one ready for you!

Pharaoh: WHAT!

Servant: (comes in with a message)

Pharaoh: What’s there?

Servant: Lord, two Hebrew men want to see your Excellency!

Pharaoh: Hebrew! What for?

Servant: Lord, they want to talk to your Excellency privately!

Pharaoh: Bring them in.

(Pharaoh stands up and yawns. Walks around while Moses and Aaron arrive in front of Him. They are hesitant and little confused - Moses pushes Aaron foreword –Aaron stops and turns to Moses)

Aaron: Hay, why are you pushing me? You better stand in the front. After all the Lord told you to speak to this man.

Moses: (Whispers in Aaron ear) Ttthat’s right, but hhhe told met to take you also. Because yyyou know, I have this ssstammering tongue!

Aaron: IIII Knnnnow!

Moses : (whispers in Aaron’s ear) O, your ear is full of wax!

Pharaoh: What are you nuts murmuring?

Aaron: Nothing your Excellency!

Pharaoh: Then come on,

Moses: (in Aaron’s ear) He is already angry. I don’t know what will happen when we tell him about God’s message.

Aaron : This is the last time. I will never come with you anywhere.

Moses : (Squeezes Aaron’s arms and shows his staff) remember, the snake!

Aaron: God, I am between the sea and the devil!

Pharaoh: Hurry up Hebrew sluggards!

(Aaron and Moses move towards pharaoh. Aaron falls on his feet. Moses uses his rod to pull Aaron)

Moses: You… stand up! (Aaron stands up. Moses whispers in his ear) tell him only Salaam! He is no God to bow down!

Aaron: OK, ready one, two, three
Moses and Aaron : Salaam malekum.

Pharaoh : Walekum! Khe faleq!

Aaron: Sir, I am Moses and He is Aaron, no sir he is Moses and I am Aaron.

Pharaoh: What are you both at! What do you want?

Moses: (Slaps Aaron and whispers near his ear) tell him what I told you before

Aaron : You tell, I will just repeat.

Moses: Tell him that we want to go.

Aaron : Sir, we want to go.

Pharaoh: You want to go? Then why did you come here?

Moses: No sir, All of us want to go.

Aaron: I mean…. Not I sir, He mean all Hebrews.

Pharaoh: O, you want to go. Where do you want to go?

Moses: Tell him we want to go to the desert and worship our Lord.

Aaron: We want to go to the desert and worship our Lord.

Pharaoh: O, you Hebrews want to go to the desert and Worship your Lord, I got it, I got it! What a good idea! Who told you these things?

Moses: (to Aaron) Tell him it’s the God of Hebrews.

Aaron : The God of Hebrews told us to go three days journey and worship Him in the desert.

Pharaoh: And..

Moses: (to Aaron) Tell him, if you doesn’t allow us to go, our God will strike you with plagues!.

Aaron: (to pharaoh) You got it no? it was pretty clear!

Moses: (in Aaron’s ear) You blingoose tell him what I say.

Aaron : (to Pharaoh) You blingoose tell him what I say.

Pharaoh: WHAT?

Moses: (pulls Aaron’s hand) tell him if he doesn’t allow us to go, our God will strike Egypt with plagues. (strikes Aaron with his rod)

Pharoah: STOP you fools!

Aaron : Yes Sir,

Pharaoh: (pointing to Moses) you fat tongued, tell me what you wanna say!

Moses: (comes foreword and gives the rod to Aaron) Hold this! (Turns to Pharaoh) Sir, the God of Hebrews appeared to me,

Pharaoh: O, wonderful! What did he say?

Moses: He said, he said,

Pharaoh: Quickly! (looks at his watch) You have only two minutes now!

Moses: The Lord told me to take the Hebrews to the desert and worship Him.

Pharaoh: Who is the Lord that I should obey him and let the Hebrews go?

Moses: The God of Israel! He told me to take the Hebrews to the desert and worship Him.

Pharaoh: NOTHING DOING! Who will build the pyramids then?

Moses: But sir,

Pharaoh: You Moses and Aaron, forget all these and go back to your work!

Moses: If you don’t let us go, He will send plagues here.

Pharaoh: Plagues? How do I believe that God really spoke to you!

Moses: Sir, I will show a miracle, which God taught me.

Pharaoh: What miracle?

Moses: (to Aaron) show it man! (holds his collar)

Aaron: (holding the rod, searches all his pockets) what? You didn’t give me any thing!

Moses: that rod, put it in front of him!

Aaron: O this rod! (throws the rod in front of pharaoh. When he sees the snake jumps back) Humme!,

Pharaoh: (stares at the snake. Turns to his servants) SUMMON THE MAGICIANS!

(The servant goes out)
Aaron: Yeah! Moses you are great! You give me this stuff for two days, and I will make some money from the streets!

(two magicians arrives)

Pharaoh: Show them your power! They have turned their staff into a snake!

Magicians: A STAFF into a Snake? Who was that staff? Another Hebrew?

Pharaoh: I mean a rod.

Magician: A road? One way or Two way? Sir, which road they made into a snake?

Pharaoh: Can’t you see that wretched snake?.. its was their walking stick.

Magicians: O walking stick! That we can also do!

Pharaoh: Then do it please!

Magicians (holding their walking stiks) Home kreem!!, Home kreem!!!.

Aaron: (to Moses) They gonna sell home made ice cream?

Moses: Shh.. Lets see.

Magicians: Home kreem!! (throws their stick into the floor)

Aaron: Moses - run! run for your life!

Moses: Wait Aaron, they are very week, SEE, my snake is swallowing them!

Pharaoh: (to the magicians) Shame of you…Can’t you do something better! Make something big, like a dragon and let it swallow these Hebrews!

Magicians: Sir, we lost our Magic stick!

Pharaoh: (to the magicians, angrily) Get lost Home kreems!…I don’t want to see your faces again!
(Turns to Moses and Aaron) You also, I am not gonna leave you anywhere! Take that nasty thing away!

Moses: (Picks the snake by its tail) we are going for the time being!

Pharaoh: Better for you, and don’t you ever come up with this stupid request.
(Turns to his servants) Stop giving the lazy Hebrews any more straw for the bricks, let them find themselves! And be strict with the quantity!

Moses: Don’t think that we are stupid people! We are the Children of God! He had a plan for us here in this land of Egypt, which is over now. And now it is His plan to take us to the Promised Land, the land He has promised to our great grand father Abraham! And if you stand against God’s plan, He will punish you with terrible plagues!

Pharaoh: Wah!, Moses, you speak very bold now!

Moses: It’s not Moses that speaks to you now. It is the living God, the Lord of Israel who appeared to me in a burning bush! And I knew that He will make your heart much harder.
Harden it Pharaoh, harden! The more you harden, the severe will be your punishment!
Come on Aaron, Let us go.

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