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Nike has a large number of shoes for comfort, the first is Presto.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Presto; Air. The whole piece of uppers and breathable mesh material for the bright shoes overwhelmed bring deep purple version at Nike indicate the identity in the head, tongue and white bottom, and simple texture. However, this paragraph of intoxicating purple version for women exclusive color matching. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike, Air, Presto, Mid, Flyknit, date of release, open fabric, shoes, add a member! Nike Air Presto new launch of "Denim" color comments on last article: "Nike Air Presto Mid Flyknit" release date next public: tannin cloth shoes, add another member! Nike Air Presto new launch of "Denim" color Kevin Durant 5 High has created A lot of the eminent celebrities command line Britney spears, Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Rome Hilton etc. They're open in the actual flag, sizes, patterns and are also economically priced. You'll be able to reward different ed hardy for sale styles of bralilian bikinis from trendy type. Today's swimwear designs are planned for making soling swimwear with regard to an amusement of this series shoes is called as immoral as well as unhealthy. If you need to overrun out one or two hundred rand. Nike KD 5 High Basketball Shoes are not forever calm to get. This summer, be Both tattoo dancer and markdown ed effective together make vision catching men's swimsuit. Inferior ed durable clothing displays the actual brilliant work on the best men's swimsuit. In the front purse than what could possibly be. Today, men's swimsuits include Many new air jordan 11 space jam for sale brand names entered the fair.They are encouraged designs,and they convertible-grace matches became infamous target.And those series shoes are sold at low price on our Kobe And KD Shoes website. KD 5 High Basketball Shoes Are Effective For P" /〉 I like this news,and it's fromEvery detail of ad impressions, brands are showing the basic attitude of the customer. Adidas "2008 together, nothing is impossible" as the theme of the Olympic series of advertisements in the international advertising competitions in winning the prize to get soft. However, in China, to see how these ads make people think how strange. Yes, "along with the 2008", will star athletes and people who sought to combine scenes, very creative, be creative in the implementation of the whole, showing out of the picture people feel repressed - full of gray matter plane or video works. "Grey" has been the main colors LOGO Adidas, Adidas websites, stores, advertising works, or even store in a DM posters, all solemn black and gray, this style and from China Li Ning different. Li Ning, the Chinese people know better apparently ???????, its main color is red, no matter wherever Li Ning, the form in which to interact with the audience, is a brilliant red. Chinese people like red, red for sports, vibrant and assertive, more in line with the local aesthetic, customary international 4A advertising agency to make its advertising Adidas, apparently local Chinese aesthetics lack of basic knowledge. Compared to earlier Chinese gold rush Nike, Adidas localization lag far, this lag in addition to stores, sales and cognitive givers, more important is to understand the local customer and culture on. Nike is very smart, when it first entered China, but also attempt to maintain its consistent "white and black" conquer young Chinese, however, it soon found it did not work, so it adds red. Almost all sports in China selling brands, bold red. Of course, the color is just affect the brand business of a tiny detail, but it reflects the brand manager for market insights. Advertising as a key communication t cheap foamposites ool that shows every detail, revealing the brand basic attitude to customers. Never assume that what their creative advertising will discuss customer favor, advertising messages if you pass the wrong customer's appetite, they will not hesitate to shield, which seems to shut down the phones to send text messages, as it has been shielded, regardless How tempting SMS (advertising performance), and regardless of how many text messages sent (advertising efforts), the result is zero. Creative another wonderful, advertising not sellers, what use is it? advertising is not to spend money to make your whimsical, ads must be responsible for the business. Advertisers can be whimsical, but certainly not out of business, otherwise the creative play also no good hype. But with the current status of the job advertising industry point of view, creative advertising is very common, but there are also sellers of advertising creative is less and less. The fundamental reason is that people have not done the vast majority of advertising sales, competition for customers and markets lack experience, have to compete for customers beyond the creation of fun and they can communicate with customers advertising, the result can only rely on some of the lack of real life experience The so-called "Insight" and whimsical try to figure out, this is too difficult to them. Even worse, it has the lack of combat experience of the advertising happens also in advertising about "specialization" of the processes, business with customers far away. Advertising creative staff is very dependent on the client portion of the bill of lading, the bill of lading, the Ministry of words accurately define the target audience, you want to point to communicate with the audience, hoping to achieve the objectives and requirements of advertisers creative, then creative people need to do, It is to play to their creativity, so advertising works and the audience to achieve the best communication results. But advertising works often baked truth is that creative people prefer office and coffee shop together "brai jordans on sale online nstorm" two or three days, do not want to go to the sales floor to see what happens, or customer to experience personally received sellers Feeling. They supposedly - to buy what people are people, how they buy, how to buy, why not buy, or the client portion of the bill of lading against the paper. Difficult to imagine, by a group of sales people who do not understand, in an inadequate way of communicating with the audience on racking our brains created out of advertising works, there will be strong sellers capability. If the last created out of advertising works not sellers, and then the wonderful creative, execution out of the picture again pleasing effect, what is the use? no longer marketable goods advertising, put the more fierce, the greater the loss of business. Adidas creation of Olympic-themed ad campaign is the case, it initiates the purpose of the large-scale advertising campaign of very direct, that would like to use the Beijing Olympics to communicate with the younger generation of Chinese, to enhance the brand's influence on this population, so that more people know Adidas, but it achieve this aim it? "simple", "direct" sellers of advertising will never change is the iron law Adidas wish to return to the origin, from the perspective of a pair of sports shoes to buy an ordinary young man's question: Adidas advertising and Nike, Li Ning and Anta what is the difference? If this young man inadvertently touched Adidas indirect advertising, he would seriously look at it, was able to understand it? If he can accept, I do not resent that suppressed black and gray, he will know what Adidas, Adidas think it really, because this ad inspire national pride, while the Adidas awe, and then love and buy Adidas sports shoes? so vague expression, turning corners so much logic to deduce the reason to buy is advertising wishful vision. Audiences never have this kind of logic, they will not see a serious and interesting taste to each advertisement. If the ad is not captured in the first seconds of their attention and not let them in three seconds smile, the jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black n this ad is a failure - do not be too vague and too zigzag for creative performance. "Simple", "direct" sellers of advertising is never change the iron rule, only on the basis of these two points, go to the pursuit of pleasure and feel creative expression, is the best way to create advertising works. Creation Adidas Olympic-themed ad campaign of the company, with the creation of the Nike "terrorist fighters," McDonald's "kneel advertising," Nippon "dragon slide," and Toyota "overbearing advertising" and other seemingly "excellence" of advertising works advertising companies, both from the international 4A advertising company. By a group accustomed to lofty "down" customer without communicating with customers in advertising creative advertising work, the effect is not very good, because people have these ads on creative geeks, but they apparently do not understand the business, at least not in the know China how to do business. Fortunately, people do spend money to test these ads are a group of rich and powerful multinational brand, if it is a fledgling SMEs, so toss it a few erupted estimated half dead. However, where multinational brands, there are some in China operating advertising more successful, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate, etc. processes and systems, "manufacturing" sellers of advertising can not In Procter & Gamble, any advertising must be released through the creation of a complete inspection process, each process has a test, only the standard of advertising in order to get the media placement. This process may take longer cycle, advertising launch of slow, but at least to ensure that there will be no deviation from the target of a fatal error, because once you have a fatal error, a large-scale advertising losses even greater. Procter & Gamble plans and time on the overall project control is very strong, very rhythmic, often launched an advertising immediately after the preparatory next ad, although missing some flexibility to respond quickly to market conditions, but in the relatively mature Day chemical industry, this met jordan 3 katrina 2018 hodical planning and control is often very effective. complete process thorough quality control for P & G advertising played a big role, but even so, Procter & Gamble also has advertising mistakes, and mistakes more than once, such as Yun Yan, such as Zest. Rely on processes and systems, the seemingly "excellence" creative advertising shut out, is very naive. System is dead, people are living, the system will not only guarantee things wrong, but only people can make to make things better. However, do not let a group of employees to the business center with a group of no business competition concept cooperation creative advertising people out of advertising, it is not lethal. Many local companies are learning Procter & Gamble, in the early advertising creative process, middle and later, some of the internal staff and consumers together advertising test, the effect can last advertising is still poor. Although managers can sellers want creative advertising, but to instill sellers of business thinking to every employee, especially the implementation of a subsidiary body of advertising, with the current processes, systems and incentives to see, you can not find a fundamental solution Road. let the organization is full of "Wolf", to let everyone in the organization to become "wolf." Let your ads sellers, the best is only one way, it is necessary to attract more sellers in frontline sales staff into the planning system, or allow the company planners sink to the existing line market to sellers, standing or write on the counter next to the shelf planning case. Everything from "people" to start to solve the problem, than to start from the process and the system is much faster, which is to solve a lot of marketing gotcha-tested tips. is the essence of the business of advertising, and advertising-related "insights" are based on a business basis. advertising is not romantic, but not abstract, advertising is naked sellers marketing tools. A direct industry was somewhat boring, why it attracts numerous advertising man around the clock, because it is always looking cheap air jordans for the best selling point to impress customers, and struggled with the best way to show a selling point, this "clever" Jin positive advertising creative fun. Business is always very boring very commercial, but it is the essence of advertising. So far, all the experience we have seen the success of advertising, are deployed around the business. For example, the concept of integrated communication Schultz in the use of the advertising industry, cite a simple example, any one of the brand's advertising should have a strong memory point and this memory point will run through all of the brand's advertising through different forms, at different stages, different regions of a variety of advertising, always continue this unique memory point, let it become a brand mark. This is the reason why the major brands can be in use for decades, has become an important principle guiding the development of brand advertising, because it is consistent with the basic principle business. Intel at the end of all advertising will be sounded its background sound, Absolut print ads are all with its unique bottle shape for the creative point, the United States bring its lovely beauty will bear on all occasions, are the most highlights The ad continues the case. on the continuation and integration of communication is of great benefit, it can in the shortest possible time with the fastest speed so that the audience in retrospect. After the early advertising for the brand image accumulation reaches a certain level, the latter only needs to extend the memory point, you can let the audience collusion from the same advertising effect. Does not require much of seconds, without much of a forum, only proper wake, the objective will be able to achieve the best advertising effectiveness of advertising with the lowest cost, and with the continuation of a coherent advertising constantly down effect add up the cost will be more low, the effect will be getting better and better, and this result is not what all of the advertising business to pursue it?3.DC DC has been QUIKSILVER acquired, Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale so it belongs to QUIKSLIVER 's brand, which is why ? QUIKSILVER has in the store DC reasons for selling. DC eye-catching, distinctive LOGO has been popular with many stars, often can see many artists wearing classic TEE attends various events, and thus shows DCThe influence of . Currently, Shanghai QUIKSILVER Hong Kong exchange store and FLY has DC for sale. In addition, DCThe proliferation of fake shoes in is also very serious. 4.V ANS V ANS can tell the history of skateboarding, 's early skaters were wearing V ANS play board, this can be done at dog " boy" was confirmed in the history of skateboarding history, so V ANS has become a retro and nostalgic generation of today noun, , we still can't deny its classic position, V ANS has a lot of shoes, , such as SLIP-ON series and HALFCAB skateboard series, so now in addition to skater punk and rock musicians, many trendsetter is also very popular V ANS . 5.NIKE SB has been pursued to heaven trendsetter NIKE SB had to mention, was first in FL Y at the bloody scene is also visible before the eyes, relies on unknowingly, Edison Chan has created the tide brand CLOT has gone through ten years. In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary, CLOT recently launched a "ZX Flux bags" in partnership with Adidas, and also launched this pair of cooperation with Nike Lunar Force 1 " 10thAnniversary" 10th anniversary; don't mark note. The new Lunar Force 1 using gray tone, to the quality of the Hyperfuse Loopwheele breathable cotton fabric covering the body of the shoe, and also use a mesh fabric improving air permeability, on both sides of the shoe body are respectively provided with red and Blue Mini Swoosh logo, and provided a shoe tongue in honour of logo, finally at the bottom of the bottom and equipped with white rubber bottom, very stylish. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in April 16th, like CLOT Baba, do not miss it. -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 buy cheap jordans online WeChat public number makes you home! we'll find you a super girl on the mobile phone is out of the water should be how to deal with! explains the patented shoe making technology in hot shoes, and how many do you know? : Resurrection?! Diadora science stickers tell you why it can roll over By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! 1626 x presents: tidal power tidal Street - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - G-Shock Vashtie Kola joint 110 gold Nike, KD, VII, KD7, Flash, Lime, Durant, 7 lemons Kobe 10 Elite "Team" official information basketball dream team Nike Air Max2 CB'94 "USA" color design comments on : "Kobe 10, Elite," Team "official planthis fall and winter, the New York surf brand Surf NYC Saturdays for everyone to bring a series of simple, delicate and full of casual style of the latest design. Around the pursuit of brand style of modern urban surfing, new series to by signs of stripe and plaid pattern, presenting collocation minimalist note printing graphics and design, for the autumn and winter of this year provides T-shirt, sweater, shirt, casual pants, shorts and a jacket and rich single product. Which the brightest and most real wear items including a Tyson down jacket, thick feather filling layer to ensure you a great warmth; and on the other a printed with standard he Logo Hoodie, both within the ride or wear can create a strong Street head breath. source: HBXNike Kobe 9 EM released the new color, the black mesh fabric engineering shoes on the shoe buckle and dynamic fly line including inside are all used with the color contrast upper big red laser, and the side of the swoosh and the tongue Kobe Logo is used to create white shoes is quite striking. item: 646701-001 release date: May 1st 13b25E25B620-3IT_resized.jpg (46.1 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-4-23 upload at 22:30 13b25E2A5450-5E10_resized.jpg (59.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-4-23 upload at 22:30 13b25E25X4F-49614_resized.jpg (60.14 KB, download times: 0) jordans on sale mens download attachment 2014-4-23 upload at 22:30 13b25E2FB10-EL4_resized.jpg (59.03 KB, download times: 12) download attachment 2014-4-23 22:30 upload Nike, Kobe 9, EM 00 nike-kd-trey-5-ii-blue-bright-mango-1.jpg (44.28 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Nike KD Trey 5 II fall new 201〉 To count the most rare sneakers, Adidas will be innovative football boots, ACE, 16+, PureControl, FG and popular running shoes UltraBOOST hybrid ACE 16+ PureControl UltraBOOST will certainly be on the list. As a designer shoes Adidas ACE 16+ many PureControl shine in the European Cup this year's performance can be described as the brand is, a combination of Boost cushioning technology to extend the ACE 16+ PureControl Ultra daily travel version of Boost. The day before, designer Federico Maccapani decided to design their own talent into this section, he retained the original design of the upper, the original white painted black Boost consistent with the shoe body, and a pair of black shoes, the birth of the soul. adidas-ace-16-purecontrol-ultraboost-all-black-custom-1.jpg (143.63 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas, ACE, 16+, PureControl, Ultra, Boost, custom Upload 08:23 2016-9-7 adidas-ace-16-purecontrol-ultraboost-all-black-custom-2.jpg (254.21 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas, ACE, 16+, PureControl, Ultra, Boost, custom Upload 08:23 2016-9-7 adidas-ace-16-purecontrol-ultraboost-all-black-custom-4.jpg (134.79 KB, download times: 1) download attachment adidas, ACE, 16+, PureControl, Ultra, Boost, custom Upload 08:23 2016-9-7 adidas-ace-16-purecontrol-ultraboost-all-black-custom-3.jpg (162.88 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 〉From London fashion shoe shop & nbsp; size ?, this time again to release funds shop limited release, adidas & nbsp; Originals & nbsp; Torsion & nbsp; Allegra & nbsp; 'Alpine & nbsp; Ridge' & nbsp ;, a map among the contour design inspired, re-engraved in 1992 appeared in the Barcelona Olympic running shoes, the transcendental color and mix and match the per Retro jordans for sale formance of a variety of materials, two color options are very worth seeing.In order to help the enterprise to control the risk of export and export enterprises to enhance confidence, Putian import and Export Association before and China Export and Credit Insurance Corp jointly formulated the "plan" of Putian footwear industry credit insurance, Putian footwear industry as a whole the insured amount is expected to reach $400 million. Due to the large amount of insurance, the China Export and Credit Insurance Corp to join the "Putian footwear industry credit in order to help the enterprise to control the risk of export and export enterprises to enhance confidence, Putian import and Export Association before and China Export and Credit Insurance Corp jointly formulated the" plan "of Putian footwear industry credit insurance, the insured amount is expected to Putian footwear industry as a whole will reach $400 million. Due to the large amount of insurance, the China Export and Credit Insurance Corp provides the same comprehensive insurance coverage of joining the "Putian footwear industry credit insurance business, premium rate 30% lower than the market, credit investigation fee discount price concessions 200 / month. it is reported that export credit insurance is a trade promotion measure permitted by the WTO. The implementation of credit insurance of shoe industry in Putian City, Putian City, the footwear industry export enterprises as long as the credit insurance for Putian City, and faithfully fulfilling its obligations, you can get the appropriate protection, once the business risk of export proceeds, will the insurance company responsible for compensation the loss of principal. (editor in chief: admin)Qingtian Mingdian shoes group company set up a "reward fund" system, enterprise employees invest a certain amount of funds, to the end of the year can enjoy the return of 50%. The application base is $5000, exceeding the maximum limit. It is understood that the company employs 1700 people, there are more than 1000 employees enjoy the preferential policy. Since the implementation of the preferential policies to further enhance the cohesion of enterprises, the sales revenue of the company Qingtian County Code Footwear Group Company to establish a "reward fund" system, enterprise employees invest a certain amount of funds, to the end of the year can enjoy the return of 50%. The application base is $5000, exceeding the maximum limit. It is understood that the company employs 1700 people, there are more than 1000 employees enjoy the preferential policy. Since the implementation of the preferential policy, corporate cohesion has been further enhanced, the company's sales revenue increased by 20%, and employees returned to factory rate of 90%. at present, many private enterprises in the county are learning the company's approach. (Editor: admin)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ??? & uacute; ??? & times; ??? & uml; 2006 & ecirc;? 8 ?? 10 ???? & uml; C & ugrave;? ??? & Middot; ??? ????? & middot; ?????????? & times; ?????? 90 & middot; ?????? & uuml; ??????????????? ?????????? & deg; ????????????? & eacute; ?? RBK ?? & times; ???????????? & plusmn; ?? ???????? & deg; ???? & curren;? & agrave; ????????? & plusmn; ?????? & times; ??? & plusmn; ???? & ugrave ;? & eacute; ??????????????????????? & agrave; ??? & aacute;? & ograve; ??????????????? ?????????? & uml; ??? & curren; ???? & times; & divide; ????????? & ograve; ??? & agrave; ????????? ????????? & times; ?? & ograve; ??????????? & times;? & eacute; ??????? & deg; So you think you know me ?? & plusmn; (? & deg; ??????????????????????? & plusmn;) ??????????????? & middot; ??? & deg; I Am What I Am & plusmn;?? & uml;? & deg; ????????? & plusmn; ????????? & uacute; ??? & uml; ??????? ?? & uacute; ?? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? & deg; ?????????? & middot; ?????????? & oacute ;? ? & plusmn; ?? & deg; ???????? & times; ????????? & middot; ????????????? & times; & divide; ??? & plusmn; ? & agrave; ??????? & deg; ?????????????????? I Am What I Am ??????????????? & ograve; ?? & deg; ?? & times;? & curren; & deg; ?????? & uacute; ????????????? & plusmn;? & plusmn; ????????? ??????? & deg; ?????? & ograve; ??? & uuml; ???????? & deg; ?????????????????? ??????????????????? & times; ??????????????????????????? & times; ??????????????? & middot; ???? & curren; ??????? & ograve; ???????? & times; ???????? ??????? & times; ?? & ograve; ??????? & deg; ???????? & deg;? & times; ?? & ograve; ??????????? ???? & uuml;? & agrave; ??????????? & uacute; ??????????????????????? & plusmn; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? & agrave; ???? & plusmn; ??????????? & times; ?? & ograve; ????????????? ????? & times; ?? & ograve; ????? & plusmn; ?????? & times; & divide; ?????????????????? & times; ?? & ograve; ????? & plusmn; ??? & agrave; ??????????? & divide; ?????????????? & deg; ?????? & curren ;? & aacute; ????????? & deg; ????? & iacute; ??????? & divide; & deg; & agrave; ????????? & ecirc; ??? & curren ;? & uml;? & divide; ????????????????????????????? & aacute; ?????????? & times; & divide; ???? 8 ?? 14 ???????????????????????? & middot; ?????????????? ?????????????????? & ograve; & times; ?? & ograve; ???????????????????????? ? & uacute; ???? & times; ?? & ograve;? & uacute; ???? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? & deg; & times; ?? & ograve; ????? & ograve; ????? & oacute; ?????????????? & plusmn; ???? & plusmn; ????? & ecirc;? & aacute; ??? & ugrave; ?????? ? & uml; ?????? & deg; ???? & curren;? & agrave; ??????????? & ecirc;? & aacute; ??? & uacute; & times; ???? & deg ;? & igrave; ??????????????? & ograve;? & plusmn; ???????? & times; & divide; ??????????? & ograve; ?? & deg ; ?? & ograve; ??? & ecirc;? & aacute; ??? & uacute;? & uacute; ????? & ugrave; ??? & plusmn; ????? & divide; ???????? & times; ??? & plusmn; ??? - ??? & eacute; ????????? & deg; ?? & deg; ????? & middot; ??? & divide; ????? & middot; ?? ?????????????? & middot; ???????????? I Am What I Am ????????????????? & plusmn; ????? & ograve; ?????????? & plusmn; & iacute; ??????????????????? & uml; ?????? ????? & plusmn; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ????? & agrave; ???????????????? 2006 & ecirc?; 8 ?? 11 ?? ??????? & uml; ??? & agrave; ?????? & middot; ?????? & deg; ?????????????? ????????????????? & deg;? & sect; ??????????? & agrave; ??? & uacute; ????? & times; ??? ???????????? & deg; ??????????? & iacute; ??? & iacute; ????????? & ugrave; ??????? ?? & plusmn; ??? & deg; ??????????? & igrave; ??? & middot; ????????????????????? & plusmn; ?????????????? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ???????? & deg; ???????? & agrave; ?? ? & plusmn; ??? & uml; ????????????????????????????? & ograve; ??????????? ??????????????? & deg; ??????????????????????????? & times; ?? & ograve; ???????? ??? & times; ????? & agrave; ??????? & oacute; ??????????????? & oacute ;? & uml; ???????? & plusmn; & uml; ??????? & middot; ??? & uuml;? & agrave; ????????????????? & oacute; ???? & middot; ???????? & uacute;? & aacute; ???????????? & deg; ???? & curren;? & agrave; ?????? & middot; ???? & aacute; ???????????? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & times; & divide; ??????? & deg; I Am What I Am & plusmn;? ?????????????? & times; & eacute; ???? & middot; ???? & agrave; ????????????? & ograve; ????????? & eacute; ????? & divide; ??? & ugrave; & times; & eacute; ???????????????? & deg; & uuml;? & uml; ??? & ograve; ???? & deg; ?? & times;? & curren; & deg; ????????????? & times; ?????? & middot; ??????? ??? & deg; ?? & times; ??? & curren; ????????????????? & uuml; ????????? & middot; ?????? ??????? & uuml;? & uml; ??????? & curren; ???? & middot; & ograve; ??????? & ograve; ???????? Jay-Z? ? 50 Cent ???????????????????????? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ????????? ?????? & agrave; ??????? & agrave; & times; ?? & ograve;? & uacute;? & middot; ???? 8 ?? 24 ??????? & ograve; & times; & uml; ??? & ecirc; ????????????????? & ugrave; ?????????? & times; ?? & ograve; ???? & deg; ???? & curren;? & agrave; ???? & times; ??????????????? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & times; ??? ? & egrave; ????? & uacute;? & iacute; ????????????????????? & uacute; ?????????????? ? & ograve;? & igrave; ????? & egrave; ??????? & uacute; ??????????? & iacute; ????????? & agrave; ?? & middot; ? & times; & deg; ??? & deg; ????? & divide; ???????????? & deg; ????????????? & times; ???? ???

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