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Are You Accidentally Born In This World

Who is your creator? Why are you created for?

Is there a purpose for your life?

You may not have a positive answer to these questions. Please be patient and read the following arguments before  you close this page.

First of all let me introduce you to your creator, the Almighty God. There are many who think that God does not exist. If there is no God, how did the universe come into being? How did the earth and everything in it come into being?

We know that for everything there ought to be a creator. One cannot say that his car was originally a cycle but  when millions of years passed it became a scooter and finally a car.

You may ask if there is a creator, why he is hiding. The nature itself gives the answer. We cannot see air, but can feel it. We cannot see the power of wind, but can feel it.

You may ask who has created God. If God is a creation, he is not God. God is beyond time and space. Our thinking about him is very feeble. He is the ultimate cause of all creations.

Just make an unbiased thought- Is there a God?

Your inner man says there is. Yes, there is a God who created the universe, the earth and everything in it. He made the mankind; he made you as a part of the human chain.

Why? Why did he make you?

Just for his purpose. He made you special. There is no one in this earth just like you. A potter has the right to make different vessels with the same clay. He may mold a cooking pot or a plant pot with the same clay, all for his purpose.

Similarly, God has a purpose for your life also. All he wants from you is worship. You cannot make him rich by giving some money, nor can you make him happy with some flowers or candles. He needs your worship, worship from your heart.

You may say that you are a worshipper. May be you are, but ask yourself. Am I worthy to worship a holy God?

There is no one without sin in God’s sight. It is God’s rule that every sinner should be punished. God being holy cannot accept a sinner’s worship.

Then how can anyone worship God?

God himself gave the remedy. He sent His own holy son, Jesus Christ to the world to bear the punishment of sinners. Jesus took the punishment by dying a sacrificial death on the cross. What you have to do is to accept that

Jesus Christ died for your sin and to ask God for the forgiveness of your sins. By doing this God will forgive your sins and make you His child. Only a child of God can worship Him. If you forsake Him, He will also forsake you.

Dear friend, this world will not last long. Do you want to become a child of God? This is the right time. Believe and be saved from the eternal hell.

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