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I Must Tell U This.........

Being a person who loves you, I cannot hide this fact from you. My days are running out, and I don’t know if I get another opportunity to tell you this truth.

During my childhood, I used to think that I have a long life ahead of me until I be like my grand father. I finished education and started my family life. In the beginning the life was colorful and funny until I become a father, which changed my priorities and I concentrated more on minting money. First it gave some meaning to my busy life, but no sooner have I created some wealth of my own, I lost interest in it. I felt that I am running like a shuttle train, without rest, without change! I asked myself, “is that all I am living for? After all, will I also die like a plant which looks so green today but withers away in a day or two? Who will remember this plant after its green days? Will it not be the manure for its next generation? Am I only like a plant?”

My quest for the real meaning of life continued. I ignored my mind’s saying that I am more than a plant or an animal, as I did not see any difference in my life than theirs. They also eat, grow, reproduce and die just like humans! May be there are some plants or animals who think the same way I do wait... I have never heard or studied that a plant can think! Animals can think something, but none of them are worried like me. Why do I think more about my life than animals think about theirs? What is the difference between me and an animal? And who created me different from an animal or a plant?

I began to look around the nature more than ever and to my surprise I noticed that everything in this universe is created exactly the way it aught to be! I remembered studying about ‘food cycle’ in my biology classes. What a perfect planning! Even the climatic changes and its effect on the nature are for man’s boon. And when I closely watched the functions of my body I realized that there is a master mind behind this universe and I must salute him for this magnificent planning. But still I didn’t know who he was.

My nights became more sleepless as I continued my search for the master creator. I crept through many books to find the origin of man. Some of them have laid down possibilities of man’s origin, while some others were blunt. At last at the peak of my curiosity, I found a book which clearly says about man’s origin. Not only his origin, but the purpose of his creation was also laid down in that book. I felt as if I found the diary of my ancestor! I read through the book very carefully, without leaving a page. The history of mankind for the first four thousand years was given in detail. The name of the book is Bible, the Word of God. Though written by many persons according to the inspiration they received from God, it gives the reader real peace and hope for their life. When I read it, I realized the purpose of man’s life. He was created to live with God. But when he disobeyed God, he lost his association with God and was driven away from his original home. Man continued in his sin by his association with Devil. Being a part of the human chain, I realized that I am also a sinner and the Holy God- my creator cannot accept me or my worship unless my sins are erased. The book says that Jesus Christ - Son of God, came to this earth and died for our sins. He rose again from the dead on the third day and now he lives in heaven. He will come back again to take with Him all who believed in Him and accepted him as their Lord.

This is the truth which I wanted to tell you. It is my duty to tell you my dear friend this good news -that you might also come to this knowledge. Please try to get one copy of the Bible and read it for your own sake. You will be surprised by the volume of joy you get by reading it. No other book can bring this joy or peace in your life. The Bible also say that on the day of God’s wrath ‘every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.’ I sincerely urge you to escape from that day by accepting His Lordship. Thank you for reading my letter patiently. We may not meet again in this world, but I hope to see you before the throne of Jesus Christ!

Please write to me if you want to know more about Jesus Christ.

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