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Trust in the Lord with all your heart

 Cast: One woman, 7 men and few passers by

Abraham: Mohan, what is your plan after graduation?

Mohan:    I have been praying about it for a long time. Finally, the Lord revealed to me what He wants me to do. He wants me to go to North India; Rajasthan, to be precise.

Abe:     That is so far. How are you going to buy the train ticket?

Mohan:  I don’t have any money. I cannot ask my parents because they are poor so we are going to walk.

Abe:     Do you know how far Rajasthan is? It is over 1,000 miles away. Your wife is pregnant, you will never make it. Besides, you can do the Lord’s work anywhere. You can teach right here in this university.

Mohan:     Mr. Abraham, where is your faith?  We must trust in the Lord. I am trusting in the Lord and going. I WILL  reach Rajasthan with my wife and I will preach the good news to all who will hear us. Oh by the way, Rajasthan is 1,500 miles away.

Abe:     I know you well enough so I am not going to waste my time trying to get you to change your mind.

Mohan:   It is not what I want. This is what the Lord wants me to do and I must obey Him.

Abe:     You have my blessings. May God be with you.

Mohan     God willing, we like to leave next week, right after graduation

(Both leaving, Mohan walked to right and Abe to left.  Another person coming toward Mohan)

Other person: Mohan, I heard that 4 of you are planning to walk to Rajasthan.  What if someone dies on the way?

Mohan:    Then we will burry that person and continue our journey. If one person of our group reaches Rajasthan, or if only one person is saved along the way, our mission will be a great success. But perhaps God will yet provide the money before we leave so we will not have to walk.

Narrator: Mohan and three other graduates from the university decided to walk to Rajasthan from Madras.  We read in Phil. 4:19: “My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory” God did supply all their needs. The news about these 4 graduates walking to Rajasthan was spread and one person from Kerala and some other people gave gifts. They had enough money to buy tickets and for room and board for at least one month. They praised God and stared their journey. Over 200 people gathered at the train station to see them off and there were no dry eyes.

So the four of them went to Rajasthan- trusting God for all things.

Mohan: (3 friends and Mohan’s wife) Rajan, John, Sunil and Mary on stage

Mary:    (To Mohan) Where are we going spend the night? It is almost 4 PM.

Mohan:    Mary, didn’t the Lord provide all our need so far? Do not worry we will find a place soon.

Sunil:      I saw a sign- someone has a place to rent; One room for 20 rupees. We all will have to stay there.

Mohan:      Praise the Lord! Singing “He is able, He is able, I know He is able..

 (All leaves stage and only Mohan comes back with a small shoulder bag or a back-pack with some literature in hand)

Mohan is looking through the literature in his hand and Mary comes on stage

Mary:       Since you don’t speak Hindi, how are you going to communicate with people?

Mohan:   I know enough Hindi to sell these tracts.

Mary:       Okay let me hear it

Mohan:    Oh ye of little faith. Here goes my Hindi- Eak anaa mae eak, chaar anaa mae chaar.   Don’t worry dear, the Lord called us and He will take care of everything

Mary:    What does  “Eak anaa mae eak, chaar anaa mae chaar” mean?

Mohan:  For one anaa one, for four anaas four

( One anaa is six paise)

Mary leaves the stage and few people passes by to every one Mohan would hold out the literature and say” Eak anaa mae eak, chaar anaa mae chaar”

A stranger: (In Hindi) Aap ka naam kya hai? (what is your name?)

Mohan:    Eak anaa mae eak, chaar anaa mae chaar

Another stranger:  Aap kaham se haim? (where are you from?)

Mohan:   Eak anaa mae eak, chaar anaa mae chaar

(Another stranger named Raj came up to Mohan)

Raj:      What are you selling?

Mohan:   These are Bible tracts. It tells you about Lord Jesus and His love. By the way, I am so glad to hear someone speaking English

Raj:      We don’t want your God, Jesus. Jesus is white man’s God besides, the villagers hate Christians. Therefore, you better pack up and go back to where you came from.

Mohan:  Brother Raj, we are not here to hurt any one. We love every one and we want to show you the way to eternal life.

Raj:      Look mister, I am not your brother. We already have several gods, we don’t need yours.

Mohan: But you know Raj, there is only one God and only one way to heaven.

Raj:      Then what about all our gods? We have one god to heal, one god to protect.. (pulling out a little idol from pocket) I carry this god with me for good luck.

Mohan:  The God we are preaching is living in heaven. You cannot carry him in your pocket. He will carry you. He created us, this earth, the sun, moon stars and everything else.

Raj:   I never heard of anything like that.

Mohan: (giving a tract) Please take this and read it. In the evening when you come back from work I will be here and you can ask me any doubts about this. May God bless you.

(Both leaving. Later both coming back )

Raj:      Mister, I never read anything like this before. Did Jesus really die for us? None of our gods did that.

Mohan:  He sure died for us. Not only that, He rose again on the third day, went back to heaven and He is ready to come to your heart and make you his son if you just ask Him.

Raj: Is it that simple?

Mohan: It is.. my brother. If you like we can pray right now. (Both kneeling down to pray)

Narrator: The young preachers faced much persecution. One morning they were getting ready to leave the house to distribute tracts and preach the risen Christ, few anti-Christians came into their house, pulled out all the books, Bibles, tracts and burned it all right in front of them. What sorrow filled their hearts as all their books were burned in front of them? Then the anti-Christians beat them, threatened them with death and demanded that they leave the village and state immediately if they valued their lives at all. These young men of God didn’t know what to do. They had no one to talk to or turn to except God. They prayed with sorrowful hearts and the Lord directed them to stay. The police arrested some of the trouble makers and helped them.

(John, Mohan and Mary on stage)

John: Where are they?

Mary:    Who? Rajan and Sunil? They will be here soon.

John:    I hope they come home sooner than later.

Mohan:  John, what is wrong? You look frightened.

(Rajan and Sunil coming in)

Rajan:  Quick close the door.

Mohan:  Would somebody tell us what is going on.

Sunil:   We have reason to believe that our lives are in danger.

John:    Some of those trouble makers are spreading rumors about us

Rajan:  They are saying that we are catching children and sending them to Bombay and Calcutta

John:    They are also conducting public meetings and turning everyone against us

Mary:    What are we going to do?(crying)

Mohan:  The only thing we can do is pray and that is exactly what we will do.

John:    I hear them, they are out side

Sunil:    I hear them too.

Rajan:  Let us sit down and pray.

All together:

               What a friend we have in Jesus,

               all our sins and griefs to bear!

               What a privilege to carry

               everything to God in prayer!

               O what peace we often forfeit,

               O what needless pain we bear,

               all because we do not carry

               everything to God in prayer

Mohan: Before we pray I would like to say something. We have come to this place to serve the Lord. It makes no difference if we serve Him here on earth on this side of eternity or in heaven. Let us pray and go to sleep and may be we will wake up in heaven.

(Lights off..and all leaves the stage)

Narrator: They did take courage from these words, then after prayer they went to sleep.

They woke up the next morning still on earth. They opened the door and found a police inspector and some police men guarding the house. The police had one question for them “How could you sleep so well at a time like this”

The moral of this story is if you trust in the Lord with all your heart He will walk with you and guide you. And when you are too weak to walk, He will carry you on His shoulders. Proverbs 3:5-6 ” Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”


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