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Best Friends

 Participants: 4 Teenagers, a physician, a nurse, 2 angels and moderator (Both physician and nurse wearing surgical scrubs, hat and mask)

(2 teenagers sitting in a hospital waiting room. Both have bruises and blood stains on them)

Brian:  Man I hope they both are going to make it

Joey:    Sure they will make it. Just pray

Brian:  I am afraid. How can you be so calm at a time like this?

Joey:    There is nothing you can do by worrying. We did all that we can do. We called the ambulance and their parents. Now just pray, let God’s will be done.

Brian:  I know, I know, I’ve been praying. Hay Joey, do you think if Charles was driving a little slower….

(Nurse coming in)

Nurse:  Are you with Charles and Tony?

Joey:    (Both the boys standing up) Yes we are. How are they doing miss?

Nurse: Doctors are still working on them. Are their parents here?

Brian:  No but they are on their way.

Joey:    Miss you didn’t answer my question. How are they really doing?

Nurse:  (Quiet for few seconds) Critical. I’ll be back in a few minutes (nurse leaving and the boys taking their seats again)

Brian:  Joey, they are going to die, aren’t they?

Joey:    I don’t know Brian (Frustrated, out of seat and walking back and forth)

(Physician and Nurse both entering)

Nurse:  (To the Doctor) These are their friends

Physician: I am Dr. Jacob. Are any of the family members of Charles or Tony here?

Joey:    No Sir, they will be here soon. How are they doing?

Physician:  I am sorry. They didn’t make it. We tried our best. It was too late. They lost a lot of blood. Would you let me know when the family arrives?

(Both Doctor and nurse leaving. Brian and Joey hugging and crying)

(Curtain down, moderator comes in)

Moderator: Tony, Charles, Brian and Joey were good friends. They went to a program at school. On their way back, without their parents’ permission they went to birthday party. To make up the lost time Charles was speeding. They met with an accident. Charles and Tony died. Let’s watch what happens when they get to heaven(This scene is in heaven. 2 angels standing by a table, on top of which there is an open book. A song “Holy Holy Holy”  playing in the background at a low volume. Charles and Tony entering)

Angel#1: Welcome to heaven, my name is Mary I am an angel

Angel#2: So am I. My name is Sarah. What are you names?

Both together: Tony Charles

Mary:   (Looking in the book) I am sorry your name is not in the book of life

Sarah:  Do you go by another name?

Both together again: Charles Tony

Sarah:  There is no Charles Tony either.

Charles. No no no. I am Charles and this is Tony

Mary:   Oh! Pardon us. Charles, your name is here, but Tony yours is not.

Tony:   Why not?

Sarah:  Well the book of life only has the name of the ones who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Tony:   Okay, no problem I will do it now.

Charles:  (In a low voice, putting one hand on Toney’s shoulder) Tony you had to do it when you were alive, on earth

Tony:   (Very angry removes Charles’s hand from his shoulder) You mean you knew this and never bothered to tell me about it…. I thought you were my best friend.

(At the last word of Tony drop the curtain)

Moderator: Let us take a minute and look back at what we have watched. First of all, they went to a party without permission. Second, they drove over speed limit, which took away 2 lives. Can any of you relate to this story? No matter what the consequences are, do not drive over the speed limit. Don’t leave home without your parent’s permission or mislead you parents about your whereabouts. As you just heard Tony and Charles were best friends. Charles kept his faith a secret and because of that Tony will spend eternity in hell. How many friends have you told about Jesus and His love? Do your best to spread the gospel while there is still time. 2nd Corinthians6:2 behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation

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