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The Triumphant Entry


Participants: Owner of colt (Edwin), his son (Joshua), Pharisees (Noel & Abel), Jesus' disciples (Joel, Kevin, Rahul, Melvin, Jeffrey), neighbors (Ashna, Berecah, Deepti, Aksa, Lidya, Steffy)

(Edwin comes to the stage holding the rope of a colt (the colt is assumed to be behind the stage or in the green room)  ties the rope to a pole.  Gives some leaves to the colt. Joshua enters the scene)

Joshua: Hi dad,

Edwin: Hi son, where have you been today?

Joshua: I was with my friends to celebrate my birthday.

Edwin: did u enjoy with your friends?

Joshua: yes dad, but I did not get any birthday gift this year.

Edwin: Joshua, I have bought a very nice gift for you.

Joshua: a birthday gift! Where is it dad?

Edwin: it is in the backyard. Go and see..

Joshua: in the backyard? Is it sooo big that you kept it there? Is it a hummer?

(Excitedly Joshua goes to the backyard )

Joshua: o my God! Is this Donkey my birthday gift?

Edwin: Yes, but it is not a donkey, it’s a colt;

Joshua: I know… but it will be a donkey after some months..

Edwin: you were asking me for a pet no? I thought you can play with it now and later I can use it in my farm.

Joshua: Dad don’t be so kanjoos.. how can I play with this shaggy animal?

Edwin: son, don’t say it is shaggy. It is God’s creation

Joshua: (unties the colts’ rope) Dad, I really don’t like this gift.

Edwin: You can also ride it to your school. No petrol, no peddling! Just give him some grass!

Joshua: At least you should have bought me a pony!

Edwin: A pony? Son it is too expensive..  I am not that rich.

Joshua: anyway I don’t want to play with this creature.. (colt pulls the rope and Joshua falls down. Edwin helps Joshua … ties the rope again)

Joshua: I hate you… you kachada donkey!
(2 Pharisees enter the scene)

Noel & Abel: Shalom Aleichem!

Edwin: Aleichem Shalom!

Noel : How are you Edwin?

Edwin: By the grace of the God of Israel, I am fine,

Abel: We did not see you in the temple today morning, that’s why we came here.

Edwin: Actually I came to the temple, but I did not attend the service. I was looking for a colt.

Noel: I see… when did your colt run-away?

Edwin: no Rabbi, I wanted to buy a colt for my son as a birthday gift.

Abel: Oooofff. People go to the temple to buy things. No one is interested in reading the Books of Moses.

Noel : Did you buy a colt ?

Edwin: Yes, it was for my son.

Abel: birthday gift! you should have given that money to some poor people…

Noel: Wait, did you check whether this is a first born colt or not?

Edwin: I don’t know Rabbi, I bought it from the temple market.

Abel : In the book of Moses, it is written that the first born donkey should be redeemed with a lamb”

Noel: yes, yes.. you have to offer a lamb before you use this

Edwin: I don’t know whether it is a first born or a cloned one. I only bought it from a seller.

Noel: You people are breaking the commandments given by Moses.

Abel : now a days no one is keeping the commandments.. even that so called prophet Jesus is breaking the commandments given by Moses.

Noel: Jesus!  He claims to be the king of Jews. Still people follow him.

Abel: People follow him to see miracles.

Noel: Miracles? HA!! I do not believe in his miracles.. He is doing magic tricks. Even I also know how to do magic….…
(some of Jesus disciples (Joel, Kevin, Rahul, Melvin, Jeffrey) enters the scene. Joel unties the colt’s rope)

Edwin: Aay, what are you doing? Why are you untying the colt?

Noel: Who are you people?

Melvin: Our master wants this colt.

Abel: Who is your master?

Joel : Jesus- Jesus of Nazareth.. He is our master….

Rahul: He told us to go and bring this colt..

Noel: How does he know that there is a colt in this house?

Jeffrey: Jesus is the son of God, he knows everything.

Abel: Son of God! Why are you blaspheming?

Melvin: We are not blaspheming. We are telling the truth.

Edwin  OK OK ..Why does Jesus need this colt?

Kevin: Today He is coming to Jerusalem

Jeffrey: And He will be riding on this colt.

Joel: And we will have a big procession… kind of like a rally

Abel : What's special today.. he has been to Jerusalem many times!

Rahul : but today is a special day.. He is coming as a King…

Melvin: Yes, Jesus is coming to Jerusalem as a King.

Noel: King! Ha..ha!  Riding a colt!.... If he is a real king, he would have used a horse.

Joel: Kings who ride horses are coming for war.

Kevin: Jesus is King of peace, that’s why He chose a colt.

Edwin : Joshua, come here, (Joshua comes out)

Joshua: Yes dad, did you call me?

Edwin: yes, you see, Jesus has chosen your pet to ride on his way to Jerusalem.

Joshua: really? Who are these men?

Melvin: We are Jesus’ disciples.. Jesus wants this colt today. He is coming to Jerusalem as a King….

(the colt pulls the rope)

Joel: Oh my dear….are you in such hurry..?

Kevin: Even the colt is in a hurry to serve Jesus. (colt pulls Joel .. Joel goes out followed by Melvin, Rahul, Joshua and Kevin)

Edwin: Joshua, you can be proud today! Jesus is using your colt.

Joshua : I am sorry dad. Now I understand…

Edwin: God has a purpose for every thing, even if it is a donkey.

Joshua: I am going to tell this to everyone in this neighborhood.

Abel: (to Edwin) are you- are you also a follower of Jesus?

Edwin: Why not? I believe He is the Messiah..

Noel : (angrily) Every one is following Jesus - No one is listening to us..

Abel: what shall we do if every one follows Jesus? The Romans will capture our land.

Noel: We should spoil his plans. But how??
(Girls come in along with Joshua)

Ashna, Berecah, Deepti, Aksa, Lidya, Steffy: Shalom Aleichem!

Noel & Abel: Aleichem Shalom! Where are you all going?

Berecah: We heard Jesus is coming to Jerusalem.

Aksa: He is coming as a King to Jerusalem

Ashna: We are going to join the procession

Noel: Are you all crazy? Who said Jesus is a King?

Abel: ha ha… we all know that he is only a carpenter!

Deepti: So what?? David was just a shepherd, but he became a great king…so why not Jesus??

Lydia: We believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

Deepti: haven’t you read in Prophesies that Messiah will come and save us?

Noel: Yes we are expecting him.. but this man can’t be the Messiah.

Steffy: then how come he is doing the miracles?

Lydia: He has healed many sick people in this village

Aksa: He has even raised the dead Lazarus! How can a magician do that?

Ashna: If he was just a man, He could not have done all this.

Berecah: These miracles are enough for any one to believe that he is the real Messiah

Abel: Miracles! Even our prophets did all these miracles!

Deepti: If you want, you believe…….anyways we are going to join the procession to Jerusalem

Berecah: He’s almost here; hurry……we will go and join them.

(As the girls hurry, they bump into Abel who falls on Noel. Both fall down.)

Noel: Ooooffff. Look how crazy people are about Jesus. Why couldn’t we be this famous?

Edwin: You Pharisees!! You are like white washed tombs- clean on the outside but dead and rotting inside.

(Shouts of hosanna….people coming, shouting hosanna and praising God)

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