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When praises go up – blessings come down

 Participants:Sneha James (Miriam), Jisha Kurian , Anisha Basil, Ashna Jacob V, Berecah Ann Stanley , Deepti Philip, Ashish Jacob (Moses), Sharon Lijo (Aaron), Edwin Charley , Noel Martin , Rahul George, Abel, Kevin, Joel Sam

(Items needed: Tambourine, fruit baskets, Popcorn, Lantern, broom, Makeup for Moses, Aaron & other men, Miriam & other girls)

Narrator: The Israelites were under the bondage of Egypt for more than 400 years. There they suffered a lot. At last when the time has come, Lord delivered them from the hands of Pharaoh and led them to Canaan, the land promised to their forefather Abraham. He divided the red sea and the Israelites crossed it through the dry land. Though the Pharaoh and his army followed them through the red sea, they couldn’t make it up. The waters went over the horsemen and the chariots. It was another day of triumph for the Israelites. They could not sit idle without praising their redeemer. The Israelites feared God and put their trust in Him. Moses and the Israelites sang a song of praise. Miriam his sister along with other women took the tambourine in their hands and praised God.

(Miriam & other girls come out dancing)

BGM on:

I will sing unto the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously

The horse and the rider fell into the sea….

The Lord my God my strength, my song

He has now become my victory

The Lord is God and.. I will praise Him

My father’s God and - I will exalt Him…

Pharaoh’s chariots and his host, he cast into the Red Sea and

his chosen men were sunk into the sea

The floods covered and down they went

Like a stone into the deep Red sea

The Lord is God and.. I will praise Him

My father’s God and - I will exalt Him…

(dancers go in.. lights dim …)

Narrator:But their joy and happiness did not last for long. As they traveled through the desert, they faced many problems. It was not an easy task for Moses to feed the Israelites who were almost 2 million in number. The thorny sand dunes and the hot winds of the desert were new to them. When thirst engrossed them, they spoke against Moses.

(men come out in anger)

Edwin:  Mr. Moses and Aaron,

Noel: Who do you think you are?

Rahul: Is this the only way to Canaan?

Abel: Why did you bring us here?

Edwin: You promised us a land flowing with Milk & honey.

Noel: Now we don’t even have water to drink.

Kevin: we even don’t have any food to eat.

Joel: Our children are starving now

Edwin: Is this desert, the land promised by our God?

Ashish: Cool down, cool down brothers, do not murmur against God.

Noel: It is you who cheated us..

Rahul: why did you bring us to this place?

Abel: We had all verities of food in Egypt.

Edwin: O what a big mistake we did by trusting you, Moses and Aaron?

Kevin: We are going back to Egypt.

Joel: yeah, that is a good idea

Ashish: brothers, listen – listen to me.

Noel: listen to you! All these happened because we listened to you..

Ashish: brothers, The Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob do not change His word. How soon have you forgotten the wonderful deeds of His mighty hand?

Sharon: Don’t you remember the way he punished the Pharaoh and delivered us from their bondage? Don’t you remember the way he led us through the red sea?

Edwin: Yes we do remember all these, but what about our food?

Noel: Our children are starving now.

Ashish: Did you finish the food that you carried from Egypt?

Joel: Yes we finished all of it.

Abel: It has been two & a half months since we left Egypt.

Sharon : I knew that it will. God will not act when we depend on our resources.

Ashish: Now God has heard your grumblings against him. Tomorrow morning all of you will get bread.

Edwin: Bread? In this desert?

Noel: At least can you find some date palms in this desert!

Ashish: No.. no you will get bread itself.

Rahul: I can’t believe it.

Ashish: Yes bread from heaven.. God will rain down bread from heaven

Abel: Bread from heaven? What are you talking?

Joel: Moses, are you in good sense?

Kevin: Bread from heaven! Can we believe all this?

Sharon: Yes, you must believe.. then only God will bless you

Ashish: Tomorrow morning you will see His glory. Now, all of you- go back to your tents.

(every one goes back to their tents. Lights off..........close the curtains and scatter the popcorns on the stage during the narration )

Narrator:After two months of travel through the desert they finished their provision of food which they carried from Egypt. Then they murmured against Moses and the Lord. For them the slavery in Egypt was better than the sufferings of the desert because they had no vision about the Promised Land, the land flowing with milk and honey. They did not trust the living God for their daily provisions, instead murmured against Moses & Aaron. Still God did not forsake them. He wanted to show them who He is. He always had His wonderful way of providing our need which no one can ever imagine.

Dear brothers and sisters, Let us examine ourselves; are we like the Israelites who murmur always.. without waiting for God to show his wonders in our life. How many times did we murmur in this New Year? How often did we fear about our future? Do we still depend on our resources? All our provisions will finish one day. Therefore let us depend on Him for our daily requirements. Only God knows what is good for us today. Let us patiently wait on Him for our needs, for waiting is not wasting.

(BG - sound effects of morning birds…. turn on the lights)

(Miriam comes out with a broom, looks around and notices some thing lying around the tent. Picks it up and tastes. )

What is this? (runs back to the tent)

Achaya.. see what is lying here..

From the tent: What is it?

(more people join them)

Edwin: Ithenthu saadanama?

Noel: What is this?

Rahul: Ye kya chees he?

Kevin: What is this?

Edwin: who put this here?

Abel: What is this?

Joel: Manna?

Rahul & Noel: Manna?

Edwin: Manna?

Noel: O, it tastes very… nice

Kevin: Its like honey cake

(Moses comes out and kneels down; picks some of them. Looks up to thank God)

Ashish: O Lord of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! How great you are! You have kept your promise by sending the heavenly food to these poor creatures. Lord, please forgive our unbelief! Lord, forgive our unbelief!

Sharon: This is what we told you yesterday. But you did not believe.

Ashish: Our God shall provide this tomorrow also. Until… until we reach the Promised Land.

Edwin: Moses & Aaron, we are sorry for shouting at you.

Rahul: O, what a mistake we did!

Noel: we did not believe God instead we spoke against Him!

Aaron: Okey, do you trust Him now? At least do not speak against God for he is our Lord & redeemer.

Moses: Now each one of you can collect what you need for today. Don’t keep anything for tomorrow.

(girls collect Manna in baskets from the floor)

BGM starts..

Can't nobody stop me now
Cause I am part the army now
Praise the LORD is what I wanna shout
Even in a crowd I am gonna sing it Loud

You can see what you want to see
But I know what he's done for me
Every day I can feel his power
'Cause the spirit of the Lord
He leads me higher

All the world, can't stop, can't stop Him
All the world, can't stop, can't stop Him now

My God is the strongest tower
Turn to him in the scary hour
Even when it gets harder now
All I wanna do is just praise him louder

Keep singing 'til my voices run out
Keep running til he lifts me out
keep singing it cause I can't stop
Oh, I can't stop

You got the give yourself up
You got to malu ma lose your pride
You got to see it different
Open up your spiritual eyes

The devil wants you beaten
He wants you lying, cheating
But that won't last much longer
My God is big and stronger

Come on, 1,2 Come on 3,4

Lift Him up, 1, 2, 3, 4... 1, 2....3, 4


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