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The Gospel Express

(A model of the last compartment of a train to be made with plywood/ hardboard and fixed on the stage.)

(Curtain Off. Railway bell)

Announcement: Your attention please! Train No. JN 316 going to Gloryland is arriving on platform no.1 shortly. Krupaya dhyaan deejiye! Mahathwapuri janevalei relgadi no. JN 316 dhoti derme pilatform no.1 me pounchegi.

(sound effects of a coming train)

(BGM on.)

Here comes the Gospel train - Here comes the Gospel train
Hear the whistle blow - Hear the whistle blow
We will praise His name - Jesus Christ is Lord
Here comes the Gospel train - Here comes the Gospel train
Here comes the Gospel train - Everybody praise his name

(Sound effects - train stopping)

(Curtain on)

Vendors & Porter moving around the platform (Jeffin, Tobin & Jyothish)

Vendor1: ah.. lelo lelo garam garam dood, dood lelo..

Vendror2: phal lelo, thaaji phal – thaaji phal…

(Passengers inside the train – Philip, Noel &Stanley)

(Passengers coming out from the train – Evelin, Renu)

Station Master (Jeffery, with a red flag): Hello friends, how was your journey?

Evelin: It was wonderful. We really enjoyed the trip.

Jeffrey: Then why did you get out here?

Renu: Well, we want to enjoy some days in Abu Dhabi and will continue the journey later.

Jeffrey: But I recommend you not to go. The life in this train is much better than outside.

Evelin: We are very much bored with the same tuk tuk sound coming from the engine.

Renu: And we are fed up with the same food of the train kitchen.

Jeffrey: Ok, ok then you can try some days here.

Jeffin: Welcome to Abu Dhabi, Do you need my help?

Evelin: Yes. Please take this luggage.

Jeffin: O, very kind of you.

(Jeffin takes the luggage and moves ahead with Evelin and Renu. Merril & Judith comes to the platform)

Merril: (to Jeffrey) Excuse me Sir, where does this train go?

Jeffrey: Well, this train is leaving to Gloryland in a few minutes.

Judith: A few minutes! Where can we get the tickets?

Jeffrey: You can get the tickets from that red counter.

Merril: But, I can’t see any red counter there?

Jeffrey: Well, can you see a cross over there? The red counter is beneath that cross.

Judith: Do you know how much it costs for a ride?

Jeffrey: O, it is absolutely free!

Merril: Free? Then why should we take the ticket?

Jeffrey: Even though the ride is free, the ticket is not.

Judith: Man, we don’t understand what you are taking!

Jeffrey: You can get the ticket if you give your heart to Jesus Christ. You will get more information on this subject from the Bible counter.

Merril: Thank you very much sir, let us go and find out. Bye.

Jeffrey: Bye

(a vendor selling books comes to the platform)

vendor1(Jyothish): Milk, hot milk, garam garam dooth peeyo, garam garam dooth.

Philip: Hi milkman, come here.

Jyothish: (moves to the window) garam garam dooth

Philip: You.. you are selling milk or books?

Jyothish: I am selling Bibles.

Noble: You said garam garam dooth and now you say you are selling Bibles?

Jyothish: Don’t you know that the Word of God is better than any milk?

Noble: Man, we are already in the Gospel train. Why should we read the Bible again?

Jyothish: Even though you are in the Gospel express, you must drink this milk every day.

Philip: But how can I quench my thirst with this book?

Jeffrey: This Book says “Man does not live with bread alone, but with every word that comes from the mouth of God”

Noble: Then give me a book, let me read it.

(the vendor gives a bible to Noble and moves on saying “garam garam dooth.’ Vendor2 comes to the platform)

Vendor2 (Tobin): fruit hamper, fruit hamper, ahh.. lelo lelo, hamper lelo fruit hamper.

Noel: O Fruit man, give me some apples.

Stanley: I also will take some oranges.

Philip: Who likes oranges in this winter?

Noel: I like apples only. (to the vendor) give me an apple.

Tobin: I can’t give apple alone. You have to take this full hamper.

Stanley: Why? I also need oranges only.

Tobin: This fruit hamper is a sample of the fruit of the Spirit.

Noel: Fruit of the Spirit? I have never heard about such a fruit.

Jeffrey: We can read about that in Galatians 5:22. “The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.”

Stanley: But what if you don’t like some of these.

Tobin: When you are in the Gospel express, you should bear all these fruits.

Philip: I have some of these, but how can I bear all these fruits?

Tobin: You have to. Otherwise you are not a real passenger of this train.

Stanley: I can’t remember all the names even!

Tobin: If you practice it daily, it will be very easy.

Noel: Please give me a fruit hamper. I want to be a real passenger.

(Vendor gives the hamper and moves away)

Vendor: Lelo lelo, thaja phal lelo

(Merril & Judith comes back with Evelin & Renu)

Jeffrey: Hi, did you get the ticket?

Merril: Yes, we did. We also brought these sisters with us.

Judith: Sir, you know – these people were crying for help.

Merril: Yes, because they lost their luggage.

Jeffrey: Lost their luggage? How?

Evelin: That Potter cheated us. He ran away with our bag.

Jeffrey: Didn’t I tell you before that this is not a good place to live?

Renu: Yes sir, now we realized that the Gospel train is much better than any other place.

Jeffrey: Now all of you please get in. It’s time for departure.

Merril: Yes we will get into the ladies compartment.

(Every one gets inside the train. The Potter comes back with the bag)

Jeffin(potter): Sir, did you see two sisters roaming around here?

Jeffrey: I have seen many sisters here. Why? What happened?

Jeffin: Aa…. actualy, this bag belongs to them.

(Jeffrey holds the Jeffin by his collar)

Jeffrey: And actually you stole it. No? Why did you come back?

Jeffin: Because there is nothing in this bag except some books. I will better take my kooly.

Jeffrey: Oh you want kooly now, why can’t you stop this cheating business?

Jeffin: Sir, I don’t know any other work.

Jeffrey: This Gospel train is leaving now. And this is the last train from this station.

Jeffin: Last train? My God, how will I survive now?

Jeffrey: You will never find any passengers on this platform again. If you want to get in to this train you better go and buy the ticket.

Jeffin: Then I don’t need this dress any more. It is better to be a passenger in this train.

Jeffrey: Please come back quickly.

Jeffin: Yes sir (throws his red dress and runs to the counter)

(Jeffrey waves the Green flag.)

Announcement: Your attention please, Train no. JN 316 going to Gloryland will be leaving platform no. 1 shortly. Krupaya dhyaan deejiye, Mahathwapuri janevalei rel gadi no. JN 316 dhoti der me pilatform no. 1 se nikel jayegi.

(Sound effects - train whistle.)
BGM on

There is a Gospel express Come along and say yes
It is leaving for Glory soon
And the guard is so glad He is waving his flag
Hallelujah it won’t be very long
Peep Peep Peep goes the whistle
Tap tap tap goes the rail
Tuk tuk tuk goes the engine
And we are all on the Gospel train
(Curtain off)

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